Why take a lesson?

Because what you will learn in 1 lesson would likely take you at least 1 week to learn on your own!

An example of a beginner lesson:

  • Before going in the ocean you will receive instruction on safety in the ocean and how to 'pop up' (examples shown below)
  • Your instructor will get you in the water quickly so that the majority of your lesson is spent on applying the technique you learned on shore to catching waves
  • He will make sure you have fun and give constant feedback throughout the lesson
  • This will allow you to pop up (stand up on the board) consistently by the end of the lesson
  • For a beginner lesson 8 ft. foam boards are used.  If the participant has mastered the pop-up by the end of the first lesson, subsequent lessons will be taught using a fibre glass board.  These boards are faster and are more difficult to balance on. Some surf instructors believe that you should start on a fibre glass board; however we have seen that they are much more difficult to master.  We want you to feel you have had success by the end of the first lesson.

Examples of a Surfing 'Pop Up'


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